How much does Dr. Doc charge and how do I pay?

Go check out the fees for each individual service and you'll be pleasantly surprised! Please note that payment must be made within 30 days of the invoice date or interest will apply.

What if I only have a 2-page document that needs to be proofread?

Dr. Doc will edit non-fiction material of any size. Just fill out the form, specify what you need and receive the service(s) needed in no time at all.

What are the translation services offered?

Dr. Doc works on the following language pairs: English to French and French to English. Dr. Doc specializes in non-fiction documents in the following areas: marketing, marketing research, education, public relations, development etc. If you have any specific questions concerning translation services, please submit them to Dr. Doc.

What if I cannot send my document by e-mail?

Simply contact Dr. Doc to discuss alternate arrangements.

What if, as a client, I am not satisfied with the initial quote?

Dr. Doc will then immediately delete the document!

Are there any restrictions on the type of material you will work on?

I will not work on pornographic, obscene or defaming material (and I get to decide what is pornographic, obscene and defaming). Other than that, I will work on any non-fiction material. The topic of the material should be specified in the initial form submitted to Dr.Doc. Some topics can be more “dense” than others and will require longer turnaround time.